Thursday, 21 December 2006

It is no longer what it used to...

This post, that is! Keep on reading, you'll find out more.

Oh dear! It's been a little while since I wrote last. I do apologise -I do not know exactly why or to whom, but anyway.

The past ten days have been marked by the arrival of my Significant Other.

I suddenly thought it was perhaps not too smart of me to have advertised my blog to friends and family, since I feel somehow shy to express myself freely now, for I don't know exactly who is reading.
In any case, it is fairly easy to forget that anybody is religiously following these rants of mine...I know I probably wouldn't, if I were you.

So, short of creating another blog, with a completely obscure pseudonym and no photos, where I change all the names of my friends and of my partner, I am going to have to own to my thoughts in public, while still exercising some mild form of censorship...(I know: how boring and conventional!)

----Edited one day later:

Perhaps I should have:
1. Never told anyone that knows me/my partner about the existence of this blog,
2. In particular, I shouldn't have mentioned to my other half, since due to this, I am now, somehow forced to remove some of the content on this particular post!

It seems after all you didn't have to worry so much for my own censorship as for the one of other people involved.
Oh well, it is the sort of things one does to lead a quiet life.

Maybe I should start another more anonymous blog somewhere else after all.
Apologies in advance it the followings reads a bit bland or out of shape.

The new husband arrived to the designated address on 11th December. It had been a very awaited moment.

I got up early and have the maid help me making up the flat, then ran to his favourite patisserie to get him his favourite cake (and making the most of the opportunity to get myself my favourite fruit tartalette) then to the local street market for some fruit and finally some pretty flowers. I don't know if the detail of the flowers being exactly those that composed the arrangements at our wedding was lost on him.
I put on a beautiful dress and did my hair.

He finally arrived with two hours of delay (at least I knew this was going to be the case, I had been checking frantically the British Airways website- what with all the airborne chaos in Brazil).

It was strange...for a while it was, may I dare to say, anti-climatic...
It is always dangerous...the expectations are too high and the reality rarely lives up to them.

But after the first few hours of awkwardness, it's all been love and happiness.
I feel like when you have just started going out with this person, and you just cannot get enough of them. The only thing missing (unfortunately) are the butterflies in the stomach.

These past ten days have thus been spent lounging in, going to the beach and indulging in our rekindled love. We have hardly been apart at all. Not have we want to. I haven't seen my friends!

Hence I cannot promise I will be writing this blog with any regularity as of yet.

By the way, it is completely anti-Christmassy here, so at least we can continue living our tropical idyllic love life without corny interruptions.
However, I would welcome a piece of turkey with cranberry sauce and some Christmas pudding and Mince pies, not to mention the delicious Romeritos of my Mexican land.

You see, I do like some aspects of Christmas.
But that is another story.

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