Saturday, 8 September 2007

Carpe diem

It seems I am not going to face unemployment for at least another year...phew! and although a relief (of sorts) I am quite sad...that the new job will take me away from Rio.
So it is, I came back on the day I had just given my data to the Human Resources department of my new employer...back in England, and because of that, I have decided I will make the most o my last three months here.
I must confess it hasn't started that well.
The weather has been glorious, but since I had my laser treatment appointment as soon as I got back, I have been hiding away from the sun.
I had all the best intentions to meet up with my friends the night of Thursday, yesterday was a public holiday so everyone was going out.
I came back home after the Maths seminar and thought of resting a bit before going out with them.
Result: I fell asleep only to wake up at 3.45am.
Welcome back, jet lag!
So much for making the best use of my time here. Today I spent an inordinate amount of time "prettifying" the blog. And reading the blogs I like...and leaving comments.
I am BACK!

1 comment:

Zereth said...

Ha quedado mucho más bonito tu blog, había pasado, pero justo estaba en proceso, ahora que entré nuevamente me han agradado los cambios que le has hecho.

Mmm disfrutarás Rio, y a otra cosa mariposa, de repente creo que uno se acomoda demasiado, pero los cambios siempre prometen muchas sorpresas.. y bienvenidas todas ellas.