Wednesday, 31 January 2007

All work and little play...

...make SpecialK a very bad blogger.

After going on Sunday to watch the technical rehearsal of the 2006 Champion Samba School Vila Isabel in Copacabana, I haven't had much time free.

I started work yesterday at 10.30 am and I was still working until around midnight!
Admittedly, it is nothing like a proper job, but I am still very tired.

I spent the morning with the professor from UfF at IMPA drawing maths and thinking whether or not what we want to achieve can be done easily or it is more hassle than it is worth.
We have a class at 1.30pm, and must always interrupt for lunch as well, which is bought at the very cheap canteen at IMPA must be eaten before the 500 students arrive all at the same time at midday.

After IMPA I came home, to meet with Dr. O and PhD girl to discuss some more mathematical kind of degenerated into a mini-get-together, since PhD girl served lots of nice snacks and we produce some cachaca.
After nearly 4 hours of this kind of work, we finally came back home.

It's been a bit of a shock to start working so hard after so long doing nothing!

Same applies for the Gym. I am really struggling. Lacking enthusiasm and energy...
I need inspiration. Donde estas chica sport?

Maybe this is why I need nicer gym clothes...for motivation.
Problem is I am absolutely broke! And the grant will only arrive at the end of next week.

Btw, I should be starting the sessions with my personal trainer by next week.
Hopefully I will have money and time enough to do something more fun by then.
I should keep you posted.


evangelia said...

yes the right "gym clothes"...mmmm
good excuss ;)

Zereth said...

Aquí ando, jajaja comprar ropa y accesorios siempre es motivacional, independientemente de acudir o no al gimnasio!!!!

Me da mucha flojera ir, pero pongo el cuerpo en automático y procuro pensar en otras cosas diferentes a "No quiero ir".