Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Where are my (female) friends when I need them?

I am much too tired these days as to go on my own shopping. I need encouragement. I need inspiration. And I need feedback and approval.
Kt, where are you? This is the first time I am in Rio for so long without you! I haven't been to Barra Shopping, I have only been once to Rio Sul and twice to the brand new Shopping Leblon, despite the fact that is less than one block away from my home.
As Iggy would put it: No fun!

Why not come to Rio you two girls instead of meeting in Berlin next month?
We might not be able to drink Sekt with lunch, but we could have plenty of Caipirinhas in Academia da Cachaca.

I need someone objective, honest but loving that tells me how this extrovert Carioca fashion fits with me.

I have not even go to the hair dressers (it's a bit of a ritual here, so I haven't summoned the courage to go on my own) yet.

Conclusion: I need a female friend (living in Rio) pronto!


Zereth said...

N'ombre, de buena gana me daba un tour por sudamérica, y de paso intentaba darte mi opinión objetiva sobre modas y su efecto en tu persona, jaja no lo niego, hay un programa de la BBC que pasaban en People&Arts, "no te lo pongas" así lo titularon en español, y esa crítica a las vestimentas y su mejora me divierte enoooormemente. Aunque el ir de compras en solitario tiene sus ventajas, al menos vas a tu propio ritmo y practicas las tomas de decisiones "fatales" por propia mano.


Paiki said...

Pon un letrero en los periodicos brasileiros, estoy seguro que hay mas de una chica busqueando reforzaar su feminidad y compartir el proceso con otra, ja.

kt said...

Hey special K, I just stopped by for the first time in a while - you can imagine how I felt when I read this!

You can replace me, or... you can train Dr O :) If it's any consolation, I don't have anyone like you for a shopping buddy either! But my urge to shop is lying dormant under the snow here...

Sekt... Caipirinhas... Newcastle Brown Ale(!) (sigh)

Lots of love xoxox

evangelia said...

hello from berlin!!!

know excactly how you are filling, how ever i will have kt for a couple of days of wild parting and shopping...hehe(evil!!!)

sorry just joking.

come on just enjoy the see and sun ;)
i mean we are envious here, the weather is getting colder and colder.

a caipirinhias sounds great, hope we could all be there to enjoy one with u

take care xoxox