Tuesday, 13 March 2007

New Year

The year doesn't really start here in Brazil until after Carnival is over.
This is way, since then, I have spent my days trying to organise my life for the new year.
Finally I have made my comeback to the Flamenco dance. My teacher is about 70 years old!
But she's very good.
I have also go back to school, although I haven't really found out what my obligations are.
The weather is still beautiful...
Well, haven't really got much yet to say...but I plan to stop my blog holidays, and come back to posting too.

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Zereth said...

heyyyyy, quiero saberlo todo de esas clases, jeje se podrá alguna reseña gráfica?

Procuraré alguna foto en la clase de salsa, jeje aunque creo que somos el grupo asincrónico. :p

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