Friday, 23 February 2007

Post-carnival depression

Not mine...but the city is still sleeping its hangover...
My samba school didn't fact it only made 5th!

I am starting to get worried...Prof-PUC is supposed to be arriving any time soon...and should be full of energy to work. More worryingly, I was briefly notified I had to help him giving a course this term...I still don't know what I would be talking about or when we start!

I seem to live in a permanent state of Mathematical frustration...been trying to prove the same thing for days now...
During Carnival , the local bloco (accompanied by live drums) was singing non-stop their repetitive songs, while walking slowly through the long straight road visible from my window.
One day the noise started here at only finished at 11pm. I was trying to work (a proof with epsilons and deltas) and ended up having nightmares about dancing deltas!

Now, the deltas are as tired as the rest of the Carnival dancers, and they are, as the blocos were before, giving me headaches!

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Pily! said...

Hey... i saw your comment in Zereth's blog... what about yours?

Don't tell me that your blogger neurona (as Zereth calls hers) is on vacation or sufferin' a hangover because the post-carnaval depression?

Ya... pĆ³ngase las pilas y a bloggear!!!