Friday, 6 July 2007

Paris toujours

Once more...Paris. Once a year (at least) every year.
Best time to visit for us, the autumn...There's something about that golden sun.
Despite the beauty of the city, it is alive...the people don't dwell in the glorious past of their country: they are convinced their country is still great and glorious.
Le Marais and Bastille are edgy...trendy.
It's been refreshing to see the rawness of youth, that rage, that unconformity.

The streets are taken by the "space invaders"...some (anonymous) artists have been erecting (and for a few years now) little mosaic figures in the shape of the well loved space invaders (from the video game) in the most unsuspecting corners of the city buildings. I found a new trend...
From the gaps of the pavement, from the manholes, there's hands reaching out at your feet...asking for attention.
I can see the Tower from my 8th-floor window.

I love walking around, without a fixed route, talking a decision almost at every crossing. See what I can find. Seat in a Cafe. Observe the world go by...

I love this city...Strange how much I suffered when I lived here.
I've grown up...I have forgiven it. I love Paris.

Paris loves me its own way.


Anonymous said...

I love Paris & NY too :-)


Denny said...

ola la.. mon amie... que envidia.. cuando sea grande quiero ir a paris...

Pily! said...

No por nada es consentida de escritores y bohemios!!! Yo también la extraño, yo también crecí allí... unos cuantos días me cambiaron la perspectiva de la vida... Mon amour c'est la France!